Sunday, May 20, 2012

Make your own ! Rice Milk & Almond Milk

Once you realize how easy it is to make your own Rice Milk & Almond Milk 
You might never again buy the packaged version at the grocery mart. 
Rice (or Almonds)
and water pretty much covers your ingredients list 
The rest is flavouring and sweetener which I think is nice to be able to control on your own.
No preservatives or additives 
Just yum.....

VANILLA RICE MILK   (A good way to make rice milk is to use fresh rice that is still hot)
1 cup rice
4 cups hot water
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup agave or 2 Droppers of liquid Stevia for sweetener (optional)

Put all in blender, puree for about 5 minutes (until smooth) let sit for 1/2 hour
pour into container being careful not to let the sediments at the bottom pour into the new container
*Better yet, use a Nut Milk Bag...I just happen to buy some reusable Veggie shopping bags  at my fav bulk food store Yellow Dog trading on Quadra Island
This worked perfect for straining  
I am thinking cheese cloth, a large mason jar, and an elastic band would do the trick too 

1 Cup Almonds, soaked 8-12 hours 
4 Cups Water
6 Dates or 1/4 Cup agave, or 1 tsp liquid Stevia
1 tsp pure vanilla extract 
NOTE:  IF you like using your almond milk in your morning coffee or tea you might find it separates as you add it.  To void this add 2 TBSP of Coconut OIL before you blend it all up.
The extra bonus about this tip is it will add some medium chain fatty acids to your milk.
These actually boost your metabolism and help your body use fat for energy instead of storing it.

Begin by soaking your nuts in some water.  Eight hours is ideal but an hour is fine if you want to make your milk NOW.
Next blend all ingredients 
*Strain your milk (note: you can keep your strained almond meal for additions to veggie burgers, veggie pate, cookies.....)

Plain Rice or Almond Milk:  Just omit the sweetener!

Chocolate nut milk: To the recipe for vanilla almond or rice milk, add 2 tbsp raw cacao chips or unsweetened cocoa powder
Cinnamon milk: To the recipe for vanilla almond or rice milk, add 1 tsp cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg.
Chai milk: To the recipe for vanilla almond or rice milk, add 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon garam masala, and 1/4 tsp. nutmeg.

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