Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rainy Saturday Kale Slaw & Homemade Tortillas

Saturdays are the Best
Sleeping in on a rainy Saturday
Starting the day with a wicked Legs workout
Finally squatting 100 lbs for sets working up to be stronger takes so much patience
I am trying to keep my form deep and perfect
Today I felt strong
Made me feel like a champ
Decided I should make some champion food to fuel up
I am always so inspired by food blogs
Also I have made some amazing new friends who love this stuff too
so grateful for these lovely ladies
Today Ms Jenn made a beautiful salad that made me want salad too!
I have been craving kale big time
So off to Island Naturals to find some great ingredients
Found Beautiful Organic Kale, purple cabbage AND
Masa Harina as well to make some homemade Tortillas (yum!)

This is THE Salad I found on a blog that I love called Shutter Bean
This lady posts every Friday religiously
I love this
I love her
She is awesome
It makes me love Fridays
Its like Christmas Food Porn Day YAY!
I added some Pink Grapefruit to my salad since I didn't have Limes

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