Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What I Eat

I am asked a lot about what I eat.
To some the things in my lunch basket are incredibly different.
My goal is always to find a balance.  Food that supports the hard work and time I spend in the gym.
Food that fuels me so I can build and maintain muscle.
Food that keeps me happy and full of energy for the rest of the things life throws at me.
I want to be fit and healthy now.  AND I want to be the same way like 50 years from now.
Tall order???
It takes some effort for sure.  But the payoff is huge.
IT means more time in the kitchen.  THis is key.
Maybe the way I eat would not suit just everyone.  But it works for me.  Sometimes it is boring.
But for me it makes me happy.
Days are full of organic eggs..oatmeal..homemade soups, yams, brown rice, salads, veggies, lean protein, Rooibos tea, yummy smoothies.  YUM
So I thought I would post some of the things that I eat.  They seem much too simple to post as a recipe. But I think worthy of a post at any rate since it shows what a typical meal looks like for me.
I eat about 6-7 small meals a day.  Getting portions right is always a trick.
Eating enough to fuel my body ....but not too much so that I am hungry (not starved) in three hours time when it is time to re fuel.  Of course this is always changing depending on the demands of life.
Key thing is to have lots of prepared healthy food on hand.
Pictures are what I will post.  Meals should be so basic you can just see what it is and be able to make it too just by checking out the photos.

Salmon egg white veggie sushi

Rocket Salad with Green dressing 

sprouted Mung beans 

Rice flour pancakes 

Egg white Hummus Avocado Collard Green Wrap

Salmon brown Rice, spiral zucchini Collard Wrap with Cilantro Parsley Cashew Sauce


DOn't forget the Sups!

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