Monday, July 19, 2010


Eating right is Not Easy.....
Every where you turn there are going to be reasons to eat poorly
Birthdays, Summer BBQ, and other after another these creep up on our calenders
...even just a crappy day at work seems to justify eating poorly or just over eating
indulging makes it feel better ...or so it may seem
to eat right you have to really think about what you are doing
The majority of your meals should be clean, healthy, full of veggies and vitamins
because after all ...THAT is what will make you feel good
Nobody is perfect and you really don't have to be
Keeping a balance is really important ...sometimes you need your treats
Aim for trying to keep it at a 10 % rule per week
this means about 4 of your meals during the week can be those things that you crave
That you cannot live without
WHen you want these things check with yourself first
comforting yourself with food can really back fire and make you feel worse
invent other ways....
Have a hot shower and brush your teeth
This sounds weird..... but trust me it can change everything
Or.....Hot tea in bed
OR SIMPLY going for a walk ...not for exercise ...just to decompress
better yet if you have someone to walk with and talk with
I guess what I am saying is figure out what you can do to feed your soul
most often that is what you are forgetting to do
balance is the key
Be good to yourself
You are worth it
Another big key to keeping on track is eating small meals often
munch on veggies
This keeps your metabolism rolling
and keeps you away from that crazy over hungry feeling that cannot be satisfied
A common mistake is eating too little throughout the day
when evening hits your body is starved
and you eat
find your balance
eat your meals properly portioned  and give yourself time to feel full
it takes about 15 minutes after eating for your body to register that satisfied feeling
if you over do it you will feel too full
as a result you wont be hungry for hours and when you do feel hungry again
you might feel over hungry and fill yourself too full once again
bad cycle!!!

Try this:

Eat your meal portioned properly
3 meals
3 snacks

meals should be:
  • clean protein (about enough to fit in that palm of your hand)
  • 1/4 to 1/2 Cup of clean carbs 
  • and colourful veggies to fill up your plate
Snacks should be:

a small portion of protein and veggies a pinch if I am busy i will eat 6 or 7 almonds when snack time hits
 this will keep me satisfied until I can eat next
 ....but if you are prepared with proper snacks it really takes no time to eat a 1/2 Cup of cottage cheese with pumpkin seeds ...or a rice cake with nut butter ...or a hard boiled egg
THE key is
IF you eat the right amount you should be hungry ever 2 to 3 hours
if you are VERY hungry by the time 2 hours rolls around
you arent eating enough
if you are not hungry by the 3rd hour
you are eating too much
find your own balance
Drink your water
sometimes when you feel hungry
actually you are really just thirsty
keep hydrated
sometimes you just want to much ....keep a supply of cut veggies of all sorts
you can eat these whenever...
IMPORTANT to mention not drink calories ...soda, juice, coffee with tons of full fat milk ..isnt on the menu
get in the habit of only drinking water, green tea, and no calorie beverages
the other stuff fits into the treat category ..

Next ... you need to exercise
build muscle
this is KEY to getting fit and losing fat
one thing at a time
focus on your DIET

next we can talk about exercise.....

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