Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Raw Rolls adventures in Cauliflower Cous Cous and Epic Fails

Sometimes the whole making raw food thing is a real adventure
I mean
I look through reams of recipes, food blogs as well as food pictures for inspiration
Once I see something I want to try
I collect all the ingredients
Then try and find extra time to try it out
Take pretty pictures
and hopefully make something that is a good post that I can share
sometimes I attempt things and they are such a flail
sometimes it is because I am being foolish thinking I have enough time
to play around creating
I rush through it and really make a mess
I thought this time was one of those times
BUT somehow an epic fail...
Became a very yummy lunch and a recipe I thought quite worthy of a blog post
The original idea came from a recipe for Cauliflower cous cous
The idea was to blend up cauliflower with a bunch of other tasty ingredients
then wrap them up like a sushi roll using thinly mandolin sliced cucumber
I realized mid wrap I really actually was going to need some nice wooden tooth picks to hold these lil babies together
BUT none were to be had so the roll came apart and failure began to be a clear
IF in doubt
wrap it in Nori !!!
A Flail became Beautiful
I made one wrap completely raw
and the next I snuck a bit of leftover short grain Sticky Lundenberg sweet rice
These were so yummy

YOU should really know that Cauliflower is voted one of the worlds HEALTHIEST FOODS
I am certainly trying to eat more of it!
This is a recipe that might help you included it in your meals another way other than steaming it
and having it stare back at you from your plate as if to say
Hey ...I am Caulifower...I am LIKE so white and sorta boring and blandish...
you will experience
Raw Cauliflower Nori Power ROLLS
Better right?

Cauliflower Cous Cous:
3 Cauliflower florets
1 TBSP Organic Thompson Raisins
1 Handful of Parsley
1 TBSP Lemon Juice
2 TBSP Tahini
Pinch of Salt & Pepper

Put all the ingredients in your food processor and pulse until cous cous like consistency

The recipe I wanted to do was this

BUT it Turned out like this:

SO next I improvised 
And made some Nori Rolls
One Raw with Green snap peas, Avocado, Cucumber
ALSO one with a bit of Lundenberg short grain Brown Sweet Rice
as well as all the other goodies 
This was SO yummy 
with a bit of liquid Bragg's amino's and hummus for Dip

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