Friday, September 13, 2013

Rice Bowl Salad ...easy healthy food

Eating Healthy
making clean choices
you have to be organized
willing to plan a bit
and being inspired doesn't hurt
Seeing a pretty picture of a salad
seeing how easy it can be to throw one together
can inspire
In the produce section of your grocery mart cruz for different pretty colours
healthy variety
chop it up
and build your own Rice Bowl Salad
the possibilities are endless
add toasted nuts shredded seaweed strips orange slices blueberries blackberries strawberries
use kale spinach or even rocket (Arugula)
Seriously....Greens called just know that is gonna be a fabulous salad!
I have lots of dressing that I love to make with tahini or Balsamic vinegar But often I will just throw in a nice blob of homemade hummus and give it a good stir
 SO Super Yummy!
I hope the pictures inspire
see how easy it is
just prep a few veggies make some brown rice
you can throw a salad together for a quick dinner
Why not build one to take to work for lunch tomorrow while you have it all out
HECK pillage your tupperware drawer and make a bunch for grab and go meals for a couple of days
For extra protein Boil a few eggs ...add some Tuna ...cooked chicken breast ...Vegetarian option balsamic roasted Tofu
Sorry ..I get carried away
Your salad can be a different creation every single time
No such things as a boring Salad my friends!

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