Monday, May 20, 2013

Chard Wraps Fuel For Fabulousness

These are the prettiest!
They are fabulous! 
And so are you! 
Spring Time Mission:
Eat pretty things...feel fabulous 

Just getting back from a wonderful visit to the north to visit our family.
The landscape was white with snow most days the sun gleamed and made everything sparkle. Needless to say the experience was very cold and breathtakingly beautiful.
I spent a week sleeping, reading, laughing, squeezing babies, training in the original Young Gun Gym, and connecting with the most beautiful people....feeling super blessed that I can call them my family.
My Boden spent a week loving his Nan and Pop, cousins, uncles and Aunts who shower him with love.  Teaching him all about the north.  He built snow forts, snow tunnels, and went snowmobiling making snow angels on untouched white snow surrounded by foreverness of ice.  
Being a BC kid who panics to play in the inches of soggy slushy wet snow we might get on very few days of our Vancouver Island winter..... He was in absolute 9 year old heaven to say the least.

Upon our return we battled with a bit of jet lag and some dangerous flatulence from traveling food and time changes.  Traveling can be hard on the body that is for certain!
I was very happy to get to our regular routine and full access to farmers market greens and fruit.
(Sorry family ...if I could email you fresh greens and beautiful fresh Berries today I would!!!)

So back to the kitchen and back to creating beautiful live food for my family.
The Carrot sauce you build for these wraps is SO incredible 
If you never EVER make anything you read on my blog please try this 
you will not be sorry

These are inspired from a beautiful blog called sprouted kitchen

Chard Wraps:
(makes 4 wraps)

8 Large Chard or Collard leaves- washed and dried
2 Cups Brown Rice or sprouted or cooked Quinoa
1 TBSP Sesame Seeds, soaked
Juice from 1 Lemon freshly squeezed
1 Cup Carrots, roughly chopped
1 TBSP Fresh Ginger
1 TBSP Miso Paste (I used chickpea miso :) )
1/2 Small Shallot
3 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tsp Honey
1 tsp Sesame Oil 
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 Cups Raw grated beets (I used Golden Beets Omigosh Sooo pretty!)
1 Avocado - pitted and sliced 
1 Cups Sprouts or Micro Greens 
1 Avocado 

Cut the end stems off each collard leaf and shave down the stalk, making it the same thickness as the rest of the leaf.
Combine Lemon Juice, Carrots, ginger, shallot, miso paste, honey, and vinegar in a food processor until smooth, adding sesame oil and salt at the end.  
Using Two leaves at a time, overlap them halfway to create a bigger wrapping surface.
Place and even about of Carrot spread on.  Top with Rice, followed by beets, avocado, and sprouts.  Fold sides over and roll tightly like a burrito. 
Serve immediately or wrap in wax paper and store for your lunches for about two days.

Ashie Girl

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