Thursday, August 29, 2013

Easy Thin Crust Pizza

The current weather has me feeling very...FALL-ish
I have to admit it
I Can't help it!!!
It is only late August buttttt
cooler morning's / evening's,
Grey skies,
The return of the only slightly unfamiliar drops of wetness falling from the sky
These things have me feeling like I should be practising such festive activities as....
picking mushrooms,
chopping/stacking fire wood
...making bread...soup...
you get the picture here
Summer is not yet a novelty!!! I am NOT ready!!!

(we read this morning that some of our family in Iqaluit experienced white stuff falling from the sky last Tuesday...ahhheemm we love you guys are major champs please excuse my for my very whiney Blog post...i love you)

SO .....I make soup
Browse Blog posts pondering the idea of creating my own Sour Dough Starter
and because Bodo starts school next week I have no choice but to prep for school lunches
the school lunch thing uggggggg!

Enter the thin crust pizza recipe (pretty much flat bread)
This is very fast and easy to prepare then freeze
So your very fussy  wonderful son who will not eat sandwiches will have fun lunches that he will actually eat (insert double fist pumping mommy victory chicken dance here)
I understand your disgust....claiming it is my own fault.... I am creating a spoiled child monster
...Oh MY NOT my sweetheart lil Bodie Odie!!!
Friends I just simply cannot stand opening up that lil lunch bucket at the end of our long day to find a full lunch that I have to throw away since it has been sitting unrefrigerated for 8 hours :(
I am committed to making my son a nutritious lunch
He is my lil champion ...on the Judo mat, on the Rugby Field (Gooooo Hornets!) and in the Drum have to fuel this sort of Glory
This is my most important job
(end of rant)

Ahhemm The recipe:  I made two versions you will see in the picture.
One with Spelt Flour
One with White Flour

Thin Crust Pizza Dough
makes 2 12-inch round pizzas
Water 3/4 cups (lukewarm)

Active Dry Yeast 1/2 teaspoon
All Purpose Flour 2 cups
Salt 1/2 tsp 
Add the yeast to water and stir to dissolve.
Put the flour and salt in to the mixing bowl, attach the dough hook and set the mixer to “stir” to mix. Then slowly add the water mix until you get a solid ball of dough.  Alternatively of course you can mix this in a large bowl and knead knead just as well and I think sometimes is much better than dragging you mixer out from whatever cupboard you store it in.
Cut the dough in half and place one portion aside. Roll, press or stretch to dough out into a 12 inch circle on a piece of parchment paper or fancy food bloggie silicone matt.  You can spread on a thin layer of olive oil...and even minced garlic, if that’s your sort of thang
 Cook at 500F in a preheated oven for 5 minutes.  At this point you can stick your beautiful thin yummy crust onto a cooling rack.  Cool.  Then freeze on a cookie sheet...then pop into a large feeder ziplock bag to be cracked out in the wee hours of the morning as you prepare the oatmeal etc for the Chaos of the morning...pre heat oven..spread tomato sauce sprinkle with cheese...bake it off Voila Fresh Kiddo Pizza...."My mom makes the BEST pizza" (insert double fist pumping mommy victory chicken dance here)  Twice in one blog post ...hmmmm showing off now you got an audience (Newfy voice)

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