Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feeling Uninspired

I am feeling pretty un inspired...IN fact I sorta feel like Iv been run over by a truck
my heart hurts
this was a train wreck of a day
filled with clumsiness ... for example I dumped almost a whole cup of coffee down my front on my first break
even a sweater change could not disguise my crappiness
right now I am desperate for a distraction...So I want to cook something good to eat
Bodo gets regular Sushi and I get carb free goodness...sorta hoping good eats will make me feel happy
I am posting a recipe I have already made for my blog before
I switched up the recipe a bit Using Kale as the first ingredient I lay onto the nori then piling everything on top of that, makes for easier rolling.  I popped the kale into the microwave for a couple of seconds on paper towel just to steam it a bit great
then I added a good smear of plain Greek Yogurt, grated carrot, left over BBQ Salmon ....I have to add that this was given to me HOt off the grill by a very generous local fisherman this thursday night... my son and I feasted on an evening that I just did not want to cook sO grateful for this it is leftovers put to work in another meal. Also Avocado, and cucumber.  I paired this up with Some AmaZING tabouli that my soul sister Nanstance made.
It was part of a work potluck dish ....she didnt even work that day she brought food and left cause she is pretty much the sweetest person ever.  Consequently she was not there to take her leftovers since it would not have survived the weekend in the staff fridge I scooped it.  I will post her recipe on monday if she gives me the ok.
SO a very pretty dinner to feed my tummy
gifted soul food
hopefully will feed my soul
and heal my heart

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