Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Night Dinner KinderGarten Grad Night

Today was a busy Day off for my son and I.  We had grand plans for laziness which would have included drowning in tea with my favorite people while laughing at our wee children as they covered themselves in grass stains ....that plan was slightly foiled by the need for the just released Lego Harry Potter wii game ...... since someone did graduate from a grueling year of kindergarten  today the prize was was well earned but quickly corrupted by Ferry line ups..... we missed a ferry on each side! Yikes
The quest for electronics took us to Courtenay.  Fun car music, some solid Bodo jokes, and a strawberry Sunshine Booster made the trek more than worth while.
Bodo and I both felt really tired when we finally arrived on our door step.  You would suspect I would pull out something fast and mindless for dinner....and in the past I usually would
I am finding that blogging is somehow really comforting ...I guess it gives me a task
(as the overflowing basket of clean unfolded laundry grows to enormous proportions....I think ...if it were food in a basket it would likely have rotted by now)
 ...pictures of pretty food and thinking up something new and interesting inspires me and keeps me from stressing about things I can't control ...which turns out to be what worry is all about.... I think....still working on what the meaning of life is .....I will let you know if I figure it out ...

DINNER tonight was snacky but that isnt really out of the ordinary  for my son and I
He is six
and I eat 6-7 small meals a day.  Eating this way is amazing for fueling yourself.  You never feel over full.  Once you get over the idea of eating till you are stuffed and not eating for hours till your blood sugar is totally tapped it really feels great.
Bodee did have TWO veggies Dogs on brown buns when we first arrived home because he was starved but he then joined me for a snack fest when it hit our little table.
SO tonight I made:

  • Carrot & Beet Cakes (grated carrots/Beet/ Egg white formed into patties and cooked in a non stick pan)
  • Tatziki Dip (Greek Yogurt, grated cucumber, crushed garlic, & lemon juice)
  • Pink Grapefruit, sprouts, avocado, and Mary's Crackers.
  • OH and strips of Seaweed ...I was inspired by some of the children in Boden's class that are Japanese.  Their little lunches were packed as rice balls and strips of seaweed .  They would gather the rice balls into the strips making individual bites of yummy food ...we practiced this tonight with some of our own creative idea's

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