Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oats vs Oat Bran AND the important of Nutrient timing

Nutritionally speaking, oat bran has more fiber and protein than oat flakes. While a 1/2 cup serving of oats has 4 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein, the same serving size of oat bran has 9 grams of fiber and about 10 grams of protein. Both have the same amount of fat and calories.

Add 1 TBSP of Oat Bran to your smoothy for a boost of added protein and fiber that acts as a thickening agent creating great texture.  As well oats are a low glycemic slow burning carb (thats the kind we are after ;) that will help keep you feeling full for longer.  THIS IS Great post workout food ....which brings us to the nutrient timing ..... 
One of the biggest mistakes people make is ignoring post workout nutrition 
Food timing is essential to maximize post workout muscle recovery.  During this time most of the ingested energy (carbs and protein) will go to replenish depleted muscle energy stores and to aid recovery.
Think of it this way.  If you were to eat 100 g of Carbohydrates for lunch and 50 g were to end up in muscle stores to promote recovery and 50 g were to end up in fat stores making you fatter, I dont think you would find your body composition would be improving much.  BUT if you were to save those 100 g of carbs until after you exercised, all those carbs would go to muscle recovery with none of them going to fat cells which scenario do you think changes your body.  THis recovery period lasts about 6 hours post workout.
IMPORTANT !!!....what I am NOT saying here is to avoid carbs during all other meals of the day cause that is CRazy..your carbs are your most efficient fuel source for your muscles AND your brain.  If you do not eat enough carbs or get enough rest your body will be diminished leaving you feeling tired and unable to preform in or out of the gym.
WHAT I am saying is that you should minimize carb intake during most meals of the day and feed your body the bulk of your carb intake during the 6 hour post workout recovery period.
ALso equally important to post workout recovery is protein.  Amino acids and mineral found in protein are necessary for muscular development. 
POst workout Nutrition should include protein and carbohydrates in the ratio of 2 grams of carbs to every 1 g of protein.
Build your other meals during the day around lean protein sources with lots of colourful veggies and enough carbs to keep you satisfied.  I use oatmeal, brown rice, and yams as needed.  depending how I feel mood and energy wise depicts how much carbs I eat.  Every body is different and everybody's life demands are different.  Going low carb just isn't the answer.  just try and remember nutrient timing and what it can do for you.  Using it as a guide might make you see some changes that you have been working so hard for in the gym.  Diet  and equally as important Nutrient timing makes up a huge part of the picture and is essential to your success! 

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