Monday, June 28, 2010

SUNDAY night prep & WAYS To Destroy a 'Healthy' Salad:

Sunday evening for me is usually a big time food prep night.
Eating clean is tricky ...when you have a busy life ....who doesnt have a busy life.!!!  Being prepared with healthy pre cooked meals and snacks can be something that will change your eating habits.
SO .....on Sundays I shop for groceries for the week lean meat, clean carbs, and as many colorfull veggies as I can get my hands on.
WHen i get home I start right away.  I cook enough chicken or fish for my dinner meals for 2 - 3 nights. I make a pot of Rice, a pot of Oatmeal, or a pot of Quinoa.  I make a huge salad.  And I CHOP veggies like mad.  Actually I am dreaming about buying a food processor to help with some of this prep.....also a lovely new camera for my fancy blog photo's ...oooh and a new car since mine is old ....maybe a vacation in Mauiiiiii..........oooops .....RIGHT back to the prep talk.....
SO make a veggie bag for each day about 1/2 Cup of each veggie in each bag gives you a colorful snack.  Save all the other veggies pre cut for steaming or whatever in large ziplocks or tupperware.
A great trick to amazing healthy morning omelets is pre cutting an onion, peppers, grating a bit of sharp aged cheddar, and lean turkey breast and storing them each in their own lil baggy.
 Each morning all you will have to do is break out your egg whites add your omelette goodies and heat up a 1/4 cup of oatmeal and you have got yourself a crazy great start to a day of clean eating.

IF you have healthy choices you will find it much easier to stay on track.  No excuses.

One thing  mentioned above that I wanted to talk a bit about is choosing sharp aged white cheddar for cheese.  This type of cheese is very flavorful.  Adding just a bit can give you that flavor you are looking for without destroying an otherwise healthy food choice.
That brings us to another juicy topic
When we think of salad as a part of a meal we usually think .....this is a great healthy choice
BUT this can go terribly wrong without you even realizing it.
Almost everyone wants salad dressing ...just adding dressing can make your salad into a really high fat high high calorie meal.....which if you are going to consume this many cals you might as well have ordered the burger that you really wanted in the first place ...I guess
Just being aware is important.  There are many low calorie dressings out there.
Sometimes a squish of lemon or a good sprinkle of balsamic vinegar can be enough
Along with sunday prep i will often make a dressing with flax oil, garlic, lemon juice and other spices using a bit of this adds 'good fats' to your meal making it more complete and very tasty.
IF YOU MUST have the salad dressing that you love that is loaded with bad stuff
opt for putting it on the side of your plate and dip into it rather than pouring way too much onto your greens you will end up using much less.
TOPPINGS like bacon bits or processed meat..... Yikes don't go there !!!!
instead try....
* a bit of feta or other sharp cheese adds a ton of flavor but still keeps the meal in check
* roasted pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews,Pecans, or other nuts can add good fat, flavor and crunch!
* chopped strawberries, bluberries, or citrus fruit like orange or grapefruit is REally yummy
* Adding cooked chicken breast can make your salad a meal !
often when I am digging into my salad with chicken breast I reflect on how great it is....I could eat this meal for ever and never get bored it is so yummy and can be different every time depending on what I add.....
add the good stuff to your salads to keep them interesting and satisfying
forgo the fatty dressing
ICe Burg lettuce....
terrible stuff
Buy a box of Greens or baby spinach and boost your vitamin intake
Happy Cooking!!!

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