Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Sprouts


A sprout is the stage a seed goes through as it comes to life.  A seed contains within itself all it needs to sustain life for its first few days of growth.
As a see sprouts enzymes are activated triggered by moisture which converts stored inactive nutrients into an incredibly rich food for the new plant.
MANY healthy eaters ;) see sprouts as the best source of food on the planet.
SUNFLOWER Sprouts are rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins
BEST part can make sprouts year round no matter where you live
ALL you need is Seeds, water, light...and an understanding sweetheart that doesn't mind plates of dirt on your kitchen counter!
If you haven't tried sprouting before I highly recommend it!
Its super easy and super fun
Kids LOVE sprouts ...and being part of the growing process makes them Super excited to eat them!


First of all you do NOT need any special sprouting equipment.  Most likely what you will need is already in your kitchen or can be collected with a quick trip to your local grocery mart.
You will need:

* Black Oil Sunflower (you can typically find these at your organic grocer (Amped On Nutrition)
* 2 Glass Pie Plates
* Organic Potting Soil
* Water, Light, Love
Thats it!

To start:  You will need to soak your sunflower seeds overnight.

  • Take 1/4 Cup Sunflower seeds and soak overnight
  • In the morning add soil to 1 of your pie plates saturate with water 
  • Spread Soaked seeds over soil
  • Put extra pie plate on top
  • Press top plate firmly on top and tip over sink to drain excess water
  • Stick your pie plates into the closet...Your seeds need a dark environment...very important to leave the top pie plate on top.  This will ensure that your sprouts will root into the soil :)
  • Check on your sprouts every day...leave them in the closet about 2 to 3 days until the new sprouts have lifted the top plate up about an inch or so.
  • Next is the very exciting part!!! Place your pie plates by a bright window sill so they can grow.  Within just a few days you will have super Nutrition to add to your salads, wraps, or sushi Remember to water your sprouts as they grow.  You will want to make sure the soil is kept moist...I woke up one morning and the little guys were very ...limp (lying-in the bottom of the pie plate eeeek!  I gave the poor things water and they war just fine   fewwwfff!!!


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