Saturday, August 11, 2012

Soak Your Nuts DID you KNOW!

DO YOU snack on Almonds?
DO you know that if you soak your nuts in a jar in your fridge over night
you suddenly will unlock this crazy good little snacks hidden potential !
Even MORE health benefits as well as making them easier to digest.

Almonds are jam packed with Protein, fiber, and omega 3 &  6 Fatty acids
Raw almonds have a tannic acid as well as an enzyme inhibitor in their brown outer skin
This makes it so almonds won't rot
This protects the nut from germinating until the proper levels of moisture and sunlight are available

WHen you soak your nut it releases these enzymes
BAISCALy we are talking easier to chew, easier to digest AND key to nutrient absorption

Go just one step further and sprout your almonds
Sprouted almonds are softer, moister and sweet
To Sprout Almonds:
Just soak your almonds in water in a jar over night
In the morning drain and rinse
Place the almonds into your glass jar with a lid in the fridge
It takes about one to three days for your almonds to sprout!

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