Sunday, August 8, 2010

Garden Zucchini...Fresh garden Garlic (thanx L & T) Paired with Baked Lemon Halibut and Brown Rice...OH and dessert YUM !

I havent blogged in a while ...just feel like food is boring sometimes 
thats the challenge I guess make it yummy and pretty healthy AND NOT boring

So I think...doing something like using a potato peeler to make your zucchini into pretty ribbons can make a veggie saute feel special it with some yummy grated parm and some chili pepper flakes 
and man oh man good bye boring hello yumoh! 

Best of course is something for dessert.  I just love summer berries.  These were from ourside my house. Tossed with some peaches and baked in the oven for about a half hour in a small baking dish ...ontop of greek yogurt and sprinkled with crushed almonds and you have yourself a really healthy crumbled.........
Too healthy for some that tasted it .... 

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