Tuesday, August 17, 2010


These are the basic Supplements that I use.  It looks like a lot ....and supplements are never cheap...but the only way I can wrap my mind around it is that it is part of my grocery bill.  They are important to my success.  Things like a good multi vitamin and Good Fats are just an absolute must.  
From Left to right:
  • Abs + : yeah.... it is a Fat burner...it Contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and a good dose of  Green Tea extract.  This Aids in Fat Loss and gives me a boost of energy.  A lot of fat burners contain a high level of caffine.  Side effects are sometimes not very pretty...they can cause anxiety, loss of sleep, and irritability among other stuff.  Greens + uses green tea and is a much milder choice.... but using anything like this should be approached very  cautiously.
  • Multi Vitamin & ZMA:  Taking these should take care of any potential dietary deficiencies that could be missed in the foods that you eat.  The Multi I take in the morning and the ZMA right before Bed. 
  • Greens + (see lower Picture)  This Supplement is full of vitamins and minerals, loaded with free-radical absorbing antioxidants.  Packed with a variety of base producing compounds that will neutralize your dietary acids, as well it includes healthy bacteria to protect and detoxify your gut.  As you exercise and diet toxins are released from your fat cells.  This supplement helps the body detoxify.  I use Greens 1 x per day usually mid morning.
  • Good Fats:  These are essential to success.  We need a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 in our diets to maintain healthy cardiac function, mood stability, insulin balance, as well as joint and skin health.  Our Bodies cannot produce good fats we can only get them from our food.  I Use a fish oil, or Udos, or some other sort of good fat like nuts and seeds or avocado with each meal.
  • NEXT POST WORKOUT Nutrition:  Post workout meal is probably the most important meal of the day for anyone who is serious about training.  As soon as I finish training I down a protein shake with BCAA, Glutamine, and 2 Creatine capsules.  Basically without getting too technical these supplements aid in muscle recovery promoting growth.  Also Important to pair with your protein is a serving of some sort of simple carbohydrate like a small piece of fruit.  I usually throw 1/2 a Banana into my shake :) Carbs are as important post workout as Protein.  Carbs will be used by your body to restore muscle glycogen.  If your post workout meal does not contain carbs, your body may actually break down muscle tissue ...this undoes all of your hard work!  That would be a bad thing!  Carbs also create an insulin spike which helps to move nutrients into your muscle tissue faster.

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