Sunday, August 22, 2010

Interval Timer & Body Rock TV

The Two above links are totally inspiring to me.  Most of the time in my crazy life right now I cannot attend the gym.  This makes me so so SO super grouchy!!!
My poor kid!!!
I feel terrible about myself
after battling with it in my head for much too long I realized I had to figure out how to train at home with no equipment and almost no floor space
impossible ????
I know I am not alone...but suffer no more my friends
all you need is you
after all is YOU vs YOU
nothing is stopping you
go to Body rock tv
choose a workout
watch it
write it down
the interval timer  (see other link to beach fitness) can be adjusted to whatever you need
walking lunges
push ups
they are all waiting for you
you just need a plan
then your gym is anywhere you are
check it out

I started out with the above site as inspiration but decided I wanted more information I ordered a few books on the topic and feel i found a real hit.

This book by Mark Lauren is really amazing.  His approach to exercise is serious but remains basic.... His techniques are responsible for training strongest military personal...but still basic and adaptable enough to be preformed by a gal in her boot room with only the time allotted  by a single Sponge Bob episode ....I find his workouts easy to tackle I can choose a body part I would like to train...flip through the pages, select a couple of exercises and just go for it ...
This book in my opinion is a worthy investment for anyone

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