Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Invention of a Figure GIrl.

So far in my adventures of dreaming about this I have completely fallen in love with it and along the way learnt a great deal. THere is certain trial and error. Self doubt. Highs and lows. There is so much information out there. Some is extreme and dangerous. Sometimes it is so frustrating to feel confident that the direction you are following will A) Get you there...and B) Get you there Healthy and strong. It seems wacky but I think for some the sheer fact that this is all about health, wellness and fitness is somehow lost along the way. Traded in for an image at the cost our health. I mean I want to be lean and strong....but I also want to enjoy food, not be a slave to diet, and have pretty hair skin and nails...this is health not an image.

I have always trained and loved weights but this really takes it to a different level. I have trained and competed in one competition held in Kelowna BC April 2009. My influences have been many. Some of the greatest have come into my life by chance...but then again I happen to believe everything happens for a reason....but that is a whole other rant.

Everyone takes this challenge on differently. For some it is a goal to achieve a perfect body. A version of themselves that they have always wanted. Something to force them to be healthier. Even a means to look fantastic by summer. For me ..I think I have come to realized that it really isn't about that moment when you get up on that stage. It is a way of life. Of course the goal is there. That carrot on the end of the string is a powerful gets you out of bed in the morning. But what i found I wanted out of it ...Being Healthy strong...and lean always. If you do this right you can live every day filled with energy, less sickness and more happiness. No really I mean it. Its your body ..your health ...your life...taking short cuts might get you there but what happens after you step off that stage is the true test.

To start you really need to sit down in front of a good mirror and have a good talk. You have to make a promise to yourself. You have to remind yourself that when you make a promise..especially especially!!! one to yourself you really have to stick to it. If you cheat are only cheating you. To me that is really powerful. Nobody is keeping score here and you are not going to fail. Every day is new day. Its just like anything. Every day is a new opportunity to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again.

Rules to this game:

1) Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day
2) Drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day
3) Combine lean Protein and complex carbohydrates at every meal
4) Eat only the most nutrient dense whole unpackaged unprocessed food sources you can get your hands on
5) Portion size!!!


eating protein provides your body with the necessary amino acids to build and repair muscles. Protein builds muscle!

eating protein leads to the release of glucagon, a hormone that helps coax the fat out of your fat cells so that it can be burnt up by your muscles it also makes your fat cells less receptive to storing fat

eating protein boosts your metabolism. Your body burns calories in digesting all the food you eat it is called a thermic effect. The thermic effect of protein digestion is basically double that of the digestion of carbs or fat.

ok so protein is a pretty essential to our success, that is perfectly clear but the importance of Clean Carbohydrates and essential fats cannot be ignored either.

Carbohydrates are our bodies source of fuel. That said the cleaner the Carbs the better the fuel...complex (clean) carbohydrates are more nutrient dense and fiber rich. Refined Carbohydrates are "bad" because they have what is called a high glycemic index. Basically what this means is that these sorts of foods cause a sudden and sharp increase in blood sugar. If this is not used up quickly it is stored, you guessed it, as fat.

Essential fats (good fats :) ) can not be synthesized by our bodies so they must be consumed in our diets. Fat plays a crucial role in hormone production which results in growth and strength increases. If your body is deficient in fat it will actually make a point of storing any and all fat it gets because it doesn't know when it will be getting more.

I realize some eyes may be glazing over.... I know I Know .....It is A LOT of information. But that stuff is really essential and your major building blocks. Everyone is different. Everybody's body's are different. There is no one recipe that can be prescribed to everyone. Different life situations and energy levels. Alergies and tolerances. I think the real key is knowing and trusting yourself. You have to find what works for you. It is ever changing. Growing and constantly learning.

For me I live eat and breathe this stuff. It gets me excited. But I still have hurtles that I need / want to tackle. 
I have friends who blog and I liked it so much it made me wonder what I could blog about. OK big time Snore ...everyone has a blog now. But what I hope to achieve with my blog is ...become more educated about this thing that I love as I research idea's to share. Some things I have stumbled upon I wish someone could have just told me.   I think ...maybe it could be valuelable to someone out there ...and the big one for me right now is I want to be better at making beautiful interesting meals that fit into my diet ideals ...meals that maybe even my 6 year old son can get excited about too....ok so maybe that is a bit of a challenge. But I find I am so super lazy about it scrambled egg whites....tuna right out of the can ...carrots unskinned...yep that would be me ...pretty uninspired ...I desperatly need to be inspired ...sometimes I eat for function ...and that just does not feed your soul
.so ...Asia Girl Blog...ideas ...recipies ....who knows....

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